This three-in-one tutorial will show you how I create one of my favourite family poses and one of the easiest to photograph. The tutorial consists of three videos. In the first video, I explain the setup and preparation for the shoot. In the second video, you watch me interacting with my clients and how I capture beautiful emotion in this pose. Finally, the third video demonstrates how I edit the image in Photoshop and then convert it into a stunning black & white. There is also a bonus downloadable PDF detailing the light and camera settings and a handy lighting diagram for your future reference. 

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What is included with this tutorial?


I explain how I set up this pose including the lighting setup, camera settings and posing tips. Everything you need to know to capture this image in your studio! 


Watch how I interact with my clients and how I pose them in the perfect positions to capture as much emotion as possible.


Follow along as I develop the image in Adobe Camera Raw and then retouch it in Photoshop. I then convert the image into a dramatic black and white and apply a dark vignette for that perfect silhouette look.


Download a detailed pdf which includes a lighting diagram and a handy guide of the equipment and settings used in to capture this shot.




55 Minutes




Adobe Photoshop

 Are you ready to master this pose? 

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What others have to say:

Sirli Aaron

I really like your way of teaching. You have a systematic approach which I like and your training is logical and you explain everything in good detail. Before I was everywhere with my lighting, it was really messy. I now know what to expect and it gives me more time to think about styling, posing and other things. Just wanted to give you some feedback because this course has already changed my work!

Linda Lindseth-Haugen

I loved the Dad holding baby 3 in 1 tutorial. It is great for my brain to concentrate on one pose at a time, and I got to notice all the little details that makes the difference when practising the pose. Just seeing how the dad holds the baby at the start was a big help. So thank you for making these tutorials, Russ!

Douglas Cattanach

Fabulous!! Fabulous!!! Russ is brilliant at what he does and he passes all of this onto his students, He delivers everything in a way that is easy to follow and understand and holds nothing back, explaining everything that you want to know...….. Well worth the investment!