A free resource during these challenging times

In these unprecedented and testing times many of us in the photographic industry face massive upheaval to our businesses, catastrophic financial instability and major disruption to our everyday lives. It is in these moments of crisis that we stand together with warmth and kindness.

Below I have compiled a list of free videos and pdfs and will continue to add more when I can! 

We will get through this! Stay positive, be kind and stay safe.


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facebook live : newborn photography after lockdown

In this Facebook Live, I give you my insights on how newborn photographers can take on new clients and still adhere to the social distancing rules as we ease out of lockdown.


Video - correcting colour inconsitencies in skin

Redness, jaundice and a bluish tint to the skin are common problems we face when editing newborn skin. In this tutorial I demonstrate the methods I use to fix these issues.


video: lighting tutorial - back poses

In this video you will learn where to place your light in order to get the perfect results when photographing a baby on their back, on the beanbag. Enjoy!


video: sharpening in photoshop

Naturally, you should always be sure that your images are sharp at the time of taking them. However, sometimes you may capture a beautiful moment or expression, only for it to be a little soft or out of focus. This is when you can use Photoshop to sharpen the image to a point where it is adequately sharp to be included in your client gallery. This video covers three methods I use to tackle soft or slightly out of focus images.


video - stunning black and conversions

I love black and white photographs. In this tutorial, I explain the process I use in Photoshop to convert my images into stunning black and whites. I also demonstrate how I speed the process up by using my Ultimate Black and White Action.


video: dodge and burn in photoshop

When we enhance an image, there may be times when we want to brighten up key areas of the image or sometimes we may wish to darken distracting highlights within the image. This process helps us draw attention to the main subject and is called dodging and burning. In this tutorial, I demonstrate how I go about doing this in an easy but non-destructive way.


facebook live: studio lighting recommendations

In this Facebook Live I go through the gear that I feel is best for newborn studio lighting.


video: raw vs jpeg

If you don't shoot and edit in RAW already then you really should start. This video will explain why.


video: hard vs soft light

Not sure which softbox is best for your style of photography? As a newborn photographer I use a big 150cm Octabox, watch the video to see why.

This is an excerpt form my 'Introduction to studio lighting' online workshop.


facebook live: photographing older babies


video: compositing in photoshop

SAFETY! There are a few poses where the baby needs to be supported 100% of the time. Naturally, that means a bit of extra work in Photoshop to composite two images into one. This video demonstrates how I go about this process.


video: understanding the histogram

Understanding what the histogram is and what it tells us is vital to achieve great 'in-camera' results. This easy to follow video, demystifies the histogram, teaches you how to read it and what to look out for in order to avoid overexposing your images.


video: the inverse square law

To understand how light behaves you really need of have a firm understanding of the dreaded inverse square law. In this short video, I explain how this law affects not just the exposure of your image, but also the fall off of light on your subject. This is an excerpt from my 'Introduction to Studio Lighting' online workshop.


video: photoshop tutorial - changing the backdrop colour

I find the challenge, when changing a backdrop colour is making the final image look realistic. Bad masking and distracting colour casts on the baby's skin can make your final image look too Photoshopped and unrealistic. In this tutorial, I go into detail on how I achieve pleasing and realistic results.


facebook live - posing newborns with parents and siblings

Here is the link to the Facebook Live where you can the leave questions in the comments.

You can also watch it here, the audio will be slightly better!


video: diy headband storage

Here's a little video if you are bored and fancy a little DIY!


video: fb live with melanie east - newborn photography during covid-19

In this video, Melanie and I discuss how we should be safely opening our business's now that the lockdown is starting to ease. A must watch you all of you U.K newborn photographers.


video: start to finish edit in photoshop

In this video, I edit a newborn image from start to finish. I cover the methods I use to fix bad acne, dry skin flakes and blotchy skin. I do this without compromising the natural texture of the skin, resulting in a realistic and natural-looking final image.


video: basic wrapping

Wrapping or swaddling a baby is one of the best ways to get a baby settled and asleep. That does not mean it has to be complicated. I only use three wrapping methods and they are all pretty simple.


video: posing flow

This video is all about posing flow. Keeping newborn babies calm, settled and asleep is essential for a stress free session. The sequence in which you photograph a baby through the different poses in a session can make all of the difference. This excerpt is taken form my 'Posing Techniques for Newborn Photography' online workshop which is now reduced to half price.


pdf: editing tips for beginners

In my previous PDF, I spoke of the 5-steps we should follow to achieve a beautiful image ‘ in camera’. The next step is to polish these images in the editing process. Newborn babies offer a whole range of challenges when it comes to retouching; these include baby acne, dry skin, blotchiness, redness and jaundice. Here are a few tips to help keep the editing processing time down to a minimum and ensure the best possible results.

pdf: how to take better newborn images

This PDF follows on from the 5-steps video I posted on the 6th April, but it is in a pdf format that you can print and refer to before, during or after your next newborn session.

video: lighting patterns

This video is all about lighting patterns. Understanding the most common lighting patterns will really help you to place your light (or your model) in the right place in order to get the best results. This excerpt is taken from my 'Introduction to Studio Lighting' online workshop.


pdf: starting out in newborn photography - 10 tips

When I started my own photography business I made so many mistakes If I could go back in time, I would definitely do things differently. Here is a handy list of useful tips to help you get started out in newborn baby photography.

video: 10 photoshop tips and hacks

There will be more of these to come, but here is 10 handy tips to help you speed up your editing in Photoshop.


pdf: what is the best lens for newborn photography?

If you ask five different newborn photographers this question and you will get five different answers, this is my opinion on which lens is best for newborn photography.

Video: my 5-step checklist

Achieve the best possible 'in-camera' images by following my simple 5-step checklist during your sessions. Do you want to stop overshooting in your sessions? Then watch this video!


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