The Newborn Photography Foundation is a live, online, twelve-week mentoring program focussing on the art and image-making process of newborn photography.

A strong portfolio of work is the foundation you need to move onto the next stage of launching a profitable newborn photography business.

Each week of the programme focuses on different fundamentals of newborn photography and on completion of the programme, you will have the skills and confidence to build your own portfolio of stunning newborn images as well as a blueprint on how to start your own successful newborn photography business. 

Is this mentoring programme for you?  

  • Are you looking to start a career in the exciting and profitable world of newborn photography, but not sure where to start? 
  • Are you a photographer that has recently started their newborn photography journey, but you feel the quality of your work is holding you back from charging more?
  • Are you a social photographer looking to add a new string to your bow, fill your weekdays with profitable sessions, and free up time on the weekends? 

If any of the above describes you, I am here to help!

It took me 5 years to build the confidence in my work to charge my clients what was needed to run a profitable business. I don't want you to make the same mistake, so I developed a system to help you achieve your goal of creating professional and sellable newborn baby portraits (for a healthy profit) in just three months. With this twelve-week mentoring programme, I will guide you, step by step, through this process and upon completion, you will have the skills and confidence to continue to build your own beautiful portfolio of newborn baby portraits.

Your Mentor

Hi, I am Russ Jackson. I am a specialist newborn baby photographer and educator. I have been a portrait photographer for 21 years and started photographing newborn babies in 2011. Since then, I have established myself as one of the worlds leading newborn photography educators. Through my in-person workshops and mentoring services, I have helped over 550 photographers from 36 different countries succeed in newborn photography. I am regularly invited to teach and present at international symposiums and conferences. In 2018, I launched the Russ Jackson Academy, an online resource for newborn and maternity photographers. I still run Russ Jackson Photography, one of London's leading portrait photography studios.

 What's included?

This course is a members-only 12-week mentoring program. Each week is dedicated to an essential element in learning the art of photographing newborn babies. There is a live lesson at the beginning of the week, followed by a Q&A session. At the end of each week, there is a second live Q&A session to review the week's topic and compare notes on the week's home learning task. All live lessons and Q&A sessions will be recorded to watch at a time most convenient for you.

The core curriculum is broken down as follows:

05 September 2022

Week 1 - Equipment and Accessories

  • Cameras. lenses and lighting gear.
  • Specialist equipment and accessories for newborn photography.
  • Discovering your brand and creative style.

12 September 2022

Week 2 - Newborn Safety

  • How newborn photography differs from other genres.
  • Newborn baby physiology, life in the womb and how it relates to newborn photography.
  • Baby Safety - Photographing babies safely and with respect.

19 September 2022

Week 3 - Posing

  • The 6 main newborn poses.
  • Posing flow.
  • Posing safely in props.

26 September 2022

Week 4 - Camera Angles and Composition

  • Using the correct lens. 
  • Optimum camera angles for the 6 main poses.
  • Image composition guideline 

03 October 2022

Week 5 - Lighting

  • Introducing studio light & using the correct settings.
  • The four fundamentals of portrait lighting.
  • Lighting newborn babies creatively.

10 October 2022

Week 6 - Family Portraits

  • Two easy family poses.
  • Capturing emotion.
  • Posing and lighting fundamentals.

17 October 2022

Week 7 - Portfolio Building

  • Portfolio building sessions, the do's and dont's.
  • Preparing for your first shoot.
  • The 5 steps to create the perfect image.

24 October 2022

Week 8  - Post Production

  • Essential hardware
  • Editing Software 
  • Post Production workflow

07 November 2022

Week 9 - Newborn Retouching

  • The Main Photoshop Tools
  • Photoshop Actions
  • Editing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

14 November 2022

Week 10  - Pricing & Sales

  • Pricing for Profit
  • The Pricing Calculator 
  • Popular Sales Techniques

21 November 2022

Week 11 - Branding and Marketing

  • Creating a desirable website.
  • Social Media Marketing. 
  • Word of Mouth Marketing and customer service.

28 November 2022

Week 12  - The Three Pillars to Success

  • Bringing it all together 
  • Photography, Business and Mindset
  • Course review and the next steps

Bonus Content

To ensure that you get the most out of this mentoring programme, there are extra demonstration videos, downloadable course notes, PDF cheat sheets, and other support documents for each of the weekly modules. You will also have access to members-only Facebook support group. Here, as a community, you will receive real-time support and feedback from Russ and your fellow students.

Support Videos

Apart from the weekly lessons, over 25 extra support videos are spread out throughout the course. These short but highly educational videos will back up the content covered in the weekly lesson.

You can watch the support videos in your own time, and as with the recorded lessons and Q&A sessions, you have lifetime access to the these videos.

Course Downloads

Each week, you can download the course notes for the specific topic covered in the weekly lesson. By the end of the course, the course notes combine to make a comprehensive workbook for you to print.

There are also PDF resource guides, model call templates, Photoshop actions and printable guides for you to download.


Members Only Facebook Support Group 

You are not alone on this journey. The members-only Facebook group is a place where you can connect and compare notes with your fellow students. The group will also act as a platform where you will receive real-time support from Russ and get feedback on your progress. 

Case Study 1 - Hanan El-Hares

Hanan enrolled in the course not even having a camera. After completing the first six modules of the programme she captured these images during her first three portfolio-building sessions.

Here is what Hanan had to say about the course:

“The course was thorough, very informative, well-paced, and also being able to study at home was great! Russ is an amazing mentor, he is so supportive and always there to give guidance whenever it was needed. I am now able to apply the theory I learned from the training into practice by utilising all the tools and useful information gained from this course. It has taught me everything I needed to know about Newborn Photography and gave me enough confidence to launch me successfully into the next chapter of my business. Thank you Russ for such a wonderful experience!”


Case Study 2 - Narita Brugnara

Although Narita had some experience in photography, she had never photographed a newborn at the time of joining the programme. After just six weeks she photographed her first newborn baby model and look at the results! 

Here is what Narita had to say about the course:

I have just completed Russ's newborn startup course and I can say it was a wonderful experience of learning and it has changed my life. I am very proud of the work I’m doing at the moment, even if I’m just a beginner newborn photographer. I am not usually a big fan of online courses, but Russ made me change my point of view with his way of teaching. Russ is an amazing professional, very passionate and has incredible attention to detail. He is always available for any doubts and his feedback makes all the difference! Every lesson is very well detailed with videos, and notes that you can print and organize in a folder to always have with you. Russ always tries to be sure everyone fully understands each lesson and is willing to answer any questions we may have, even after the lessons. If you are looking to improve your photography skills or want to learn the world of newborn photography, Russ is the right person for you. Definitely a highly recommended investment! 

Let's do this together! 

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Have a question about the programme before getting started?

Contact me at: [email protected] or read the frequently asked questions below: 


Frequently Asked Questions

In Summary

This is a private, live, 12-week mentoring program and includes:

  • A core curriculum of twelve hour-long lessons spread out over twelve weeks.
  • 24 Live Q&A sessions with real-time feedback on your progress.
  • Over 15 hours of bonus support videos.
  • Weekly course notes and extra support PDFs make up a 50-page printable workbook. 
  • Lifetime access to all content.
  • Lifetime membership of the members-only private Facebook support group.
  • Special discounts on equipment suppliers and accessory vendors.
  • Discounted enrolment fees for Russ Jackson in-person workshops.  


    The real value of this online course lies in the system that I have developed. I will guide you, step by step, through this process and by the end of the course, you will have the skills and confidence to continue to build a beautiful and professional portfolio of newborn baby portraits.


Twelve-week online mentoring programme with RUSS JACKSON


The full price for this 12-week programme is £1599 but if you register today with the early bird discount, you save £200!




"I really like your way of teaching. You have a systematic approach which I like and your training is logical and you explain everything in good detail" 

Sirli Aron
Newborn and Maternity Photographer


"Russ is amazing! I had the opportunity to train with him in his studio in London and that training changed my life as a photographer. It's great to now have access to mentoring online as I no longer live in London. I highly recommend him!"

Chioma Afigbo

Newborn Photographer

"Russ is brilliant at what he does and he passes all of this onto his students, He delivers everything in a way that is easy to follow and understand and holds nothing back, explaining everything that you want to know.. Well worth the investment!"

Douglas Cattanach

Wedding and Newborn Photographer

"I highly recommend training with Russ whether you're a beginner or a pro. His training took my newborn photography to a whole new level. I'm producing higher quality work, gaining more business and essentially making more money. The training was an investment and worth its weight in gold." 

Danya Grey 
Newborn Photographer

"I can’t thank you enough for the training! It was really informative, especially the workflow for posing newborns. It was great to see the techniques used for getting the baby sleepy and then the process of shooting using the posing flow. Also, thanks for your great insights in using flash vs natural light. As a mobile photographer, this is sometimes a struggle as light differs in every home, so I will certainly be looking to use flash in the future for consistency.”  

Jamie Ousby
Wedding and Portrait Photographer

"I just wanted to thank Russ for the 1:1 mentoring! It was a wonderful experience!
It’s so nice to see his patience and how he makes everything so easy. He explains everything you need/want to know. TOP mentoring!!!" 

Michelle Frischkopf 
Newborn, Boudoir and Maternity Photographer