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"First day of using Russ Jackson actions! They changed my way of post-production completely! So fast and easy! Awesome!"

Yulia Repchinskaya

"I have just finished watching the Newborn Editing Video. I have been waiting for this since I purchased the Newborn Posing Video, which I loved and learnt so much from. Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge. I had learnt, heard, researched quite a lot of the technical information at the start of the video but you clarified a lot of things for me, so thank you for that. I also love this video and I learnt a lot and have started playing with the Actions. "

Debra Wilson

"Russ is amazing! I had the opportunity to train with him in his studio in London and that training changed my life as a photographer. It's great to now have access to training videos online as I no longer live in London. I highly recommend him!"

Chioma Afigbo

"This is worth every penny . Excellent tutorial with outstanding quality and explanations. I especially appreciate the wrapping insights and the placement of the posing cushions as this can take some time to become familiar with as a beginner. "

Louise Paolini

"The best course for perfect newborn lighting! Thank you Russ!"

Corinna Vatter

"WOW I am so impressed!! I just re-edited a newborn along with your tutorial... as a seasoned newborn photographer I probably have all the actions EVER, but I want fast edits and not laborious time in-front of my mac screen!! I just did a side by side comparison and I want to go back to my client and give her the new edits! RJ convert!! As a side note, I used to train (in another field) and your teaching method and skills are excellent, highly recommend this action set and the tutorial!"

Olivia Rocco

"I purchased Russ Jackson’s online lighting course recently. The course is fantastic, it has answered every question I had about lighting and newborns. I love the short videos which focus on each pose, explaining exactly where to place the light and why it needs to be there. I am looking forward to putting these techniques into practice. Highly recommended."

Pippa Brown




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