In person workshops designed to boost your confidence and expand your photography skills.



These one day posing workshops cover the image making aspects of newborn photography, from using the correct camera settings, getting the light right and beautifully retouching the images in Photoshop.


Designed to benefit any photographer with an interest in improving the image making aspects of newborn photography. The focus is on achieving masterful end results both in camera & post production.


Russ is recognised as a leader in photography training and tutoring. He has trained hundreds of photographers from all over the world and is regularly invited to attend various global events to demonstrate his skills and speak about newborn photography.

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'I had an excellent day, I'd highly recommend it. Not only do I feel ready to tackle the world of newborn photography but it also left me thinking about how I run my business and what I can to make it more successful.  Thank you, Russ, for a great day'!

Sally Parkinson



"I attended a training workshop at Russ' studio, and I cannot recommend him enough. Such a talented photographer, full of knowledge and experience, totally down to earth, great host and gave off such a relaxed feeling to the day. He gave us so much information to take away- things I wouldn't have even thought about. He is that he's willing to help and support us, even after the workshop. I've needed some advice regarding lighting, and he was more than willing to send me an email with his recommendations—definitely an investment and worth every penny. I know I'll be back to train with him again in the future! "

Jessica Evans
Jess Evans Photography

"I had the pleasure of attending Russ' newborn workshop. He's extremely professional and willing to share his knowledge and experience. The workshop exceeded all my expectations. I cannot recommend Russ' workshop enough. I'm very happy with all the knowledge and tips, especially with lighting baby safety and flow posing. I left the workshop full of inspiration and knowledge to start my own business."

Anyela Lee
Newborn Photographer

"I can’t thank you enough for the training it was really informative, especially the workflow for posing newborns. It was great to see the techniques used for getting the baby sleepy and then the process of shooting from back to front or visa versa. Also thanks for your great insights in using flash vs natural light. As a mobile photographer, this is sometimes a struggle as light differs in every home so I will certainly be looking to use flash in the future for consistency. "

Jamie Ousby
Jamie Ousby Photography

"I learnt from and enjoyed your workshop very much. You have filled all the gaps for me. I came home feeling satisfied and pleased, I'm no longer afraid, just feeling excited to get on with my Newborn Photography Business work. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Your studio and location, amazing hospitality(excellent food), like you said its all about the service, the whole package is just 5 star plus. Most definitely, wholeheartedly recommend your workshop, especially to those who wish to run a respectful Newborn business properly. "

Toshie Tynan

"Russ is a fantastic teacher and a great photographer. He answered all questions and gave us loads of great advice and his own experiences. Was great to meet other photographers who have the same hang ups as me and Russ put us all at ease and gave us great support. I will definitely do another training day with him and once I have practiced more I will be doing a one to one training with him to make sure I am keeping on track. Highly recommended!"

Arienne Jonas
A J Feather Photography

"I recently attended one of Russ Jacksons newborn workshop. It was fantastic. I've been working at and improving my photography skills with the aim of becoming a newborn photographer and wanted to learn how to pose babies and needed some business advice. Russ showed us all his little tricks to soothe and relax babies and how to pose them in such a lovely gentle way. Doing the workshop and listening to all Russ advice has really boosted my confidence. Russ is very patient and will answer all your questions and more. The one day workshop really was worth the money and time spent and I most certainly will attend more of Russ courses in the future."

Anne-Marie Sackfield
Oluna Photography

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