Personal access and my full and undivided attention to focus on the particular pain points in your photography business



Take advantage of over 18 years of knowledge and experience in the portrait and newborn photography industry with a personal online consultation with Russ Jackson. You can choose to focus on one specific topic (recommended) or use the time to have a general discussion about the hurdles you face in your business.



(One topic per session is recommended).

  • Editing: Live editing tutorial showing you my editing workflow and techniques.
  • Image critique: Constructive feedback on how you can improve your image making and boost your portfolio.
  • Wrapping:  Step by step wrapping tutorial demonstrating my favourite wrapping techniques.
  • Lighting: Get the light right. A breakdown of the best gear and techniques, includes lighting diagrams and recommended equipment list.
  • Posing: A guide to my posing flow as well as tips and tricks for each pose - includes posing flow sheets and diagrams.
  • Getting started: Tips and advice on how to kickstart your photography business, build your portfolio and start building a customer base.
  • Sales: How to maximise your sales using tried and tested techniques and strategies.
  • Marketing: Techniques on how to attract leads and convert them into happy returning clients.

Screen captures and recordings of your session is permitted for your own personal use at a later stage.



Zoom is the preferred video conferencing application as it allows individual screen captures as well as a recording of your entire consultation.

What other mentees say


"I got to “meet” Russ Jackson and had the best chat about ways to move my business forward. Thank you Russ for such an inspiring chat that has left me feeling motivated and ready for the next adventure Russ is one of the worlds best newborn photographers! His technical knowledge, style and way of teaching is what has made him my number one go-to to learn during this Lockdown period."

had the best chat about ways to move my business forward

"Fabulous!!! Russ is brilliant at what he does and he passes all of this onto his students, He delivers everything in a way that is easy to follow and understand and holds nothing back, explaining everything that you want to know...….. Well worth the investment!!!!"

Douglas Cattanach
Family and Newborn Photographer

"Russ gives you his all in the training sessions. He has the experience and skills you need to get the most out of a training session. He is super lovely too! I can honestly say that each training I’ve had has given me new skills to drive my business forward. My clients say that they are impressed I dedicate myself to being the best I can be by attending the training. I wouldn’t waste time debating the investment. You won’t go wrong. His teaching of lighting, posing, wrapping, editing and business is enough to kick start your career."

Julietta Arden-Taylor
Newborn Photographer

"Russ is amazing! I had the opportunity to train with him in his studio in London and that training changed my life as a photographer."

Chioma Afigbo
Newborn Photographer

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