Russ Jackson Academy Action Set

Over the last ten years, I have aimed to simplify my editing process. That is why I created a workflow of 15 easy-to-use Photoshop actions to streamline my editing workflow.
This action set is designed to keep it simple and only contain the actions that you need to polish what should already be a beautiful newborn picture into an image that is truly special and save massive amounts of time in the process!
Once purchased you will be able to install action set on your version of Photoshop.  This action set is available in .ATN file format and built with Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.  They will also be compatible with newer and older versions of Adobe photoshop.
These actions also include an hour-long video tutorial where I demo how to install and how to use for each action if you get stuck.  These are as follows:
  1.  Installing your actions
  2. The content aware filler
  3. Frequency Separation
  4. Colour Corrector
  5. Dodge and Burn
  6. Soften Skin
  7. Teeth and Eye Whiten
  8. Eyes Brighter
  9. Sharpen Details
  10. Film Grain
  11. Vignette
  12. Blur Borders
  13. Vintage Glow
  14. RJA Black and White Action
  15. Resize for Facebook
  16. Save as PSD


Russ Jackson Academy Action Set



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