Posing Techniques for Newborn Photography

If you are looking to safely learn or refine your newborn posing skills then this online workshop is for you.  

My 'Posing Techniques For Newborn Photography' workshop has been designed and created to be a detailed resource that you can refer to anytime and provides my recommendations for posing gear, camera settings and my own unique posing flow sequence, 

With over 180 minutes, this in-depth online workshop is designed to help new and experienced photographers master the most popular newborn poses which include:

  • The awake shot   
  • the portrait 
  • the back pose 
  • the back pose in a prop
  • the side pose 
  • the tummy pose 
  • the forward facing pose 
  • the forward facing pose in a prop 
  • the potato sack pose 

You will also learn my 5 step approach to producing stunning in-camera images for each pose. This will help you to stop overshooting in the session and will save you massive amounts of time in post-production.

The workshop also includes a free 17 page pdf with advice to improve your in-camera images

Master the art of posing newborns today!


Posing Techniques For Newborn Photography



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