An Introduction To Studio Lighting

This online workshop is designed to demystify studio lighting and provide you with the confidence and technical foundations to get started and use studio lighting to creatively light your clients.

This workshop is suitable for photographers looking to transition from natural to studio light and will give you the confidence and technical knowledge to start using studio lighting to creatively light your clients for a variety of photography genres.

Duration: 112 minutes 

Course Contents

  • Welcome and thank you!   
  • Video 1: Why flash and which one is best for me?   
  • Video 2: Modifiers 
  • Video 3: Hard Vs Soft Light   
  • Video 4: The Technical Stuff   
  • Video 5: Camera Settings   
  • Video 6: Metering   
  • Video 7: Lighting Patterns   
  • Conclusion

*14 separate resource downloads 

An Introduction to Studio Lighting



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