Studio Lighting For Newborn Photography

Take your newborn lighting to a professional standard with Russ Jackson's best selling online workshop.


What is covered in this course?

Nearly two hours worth of in-depth, expert insights and techniques on how to get your studio light right for newborn photography.

  • Safety when using flash with newborns
  • Principles to follow to get the light right for newborn photography
  • Russ Jackson’s recommended gear and camera settings for newborn photography

Master lighting for each of the popular newborn poses.

  • The portrait
  • The back pose
  • The side pose
  • The tummy pose
  • The forward facing pose
  • The potato sack pose
  • The prop poses

By the end of this course

You will have the technical knowledge of how to consistently light each of the most popular newborn poses.

This course is for newborn photographers who are:

  • Tired of being a confined to shooting in inconstant natural light conditions.

  • Looking to choose the right lighting gear for newborn photography.

  • Wanting to know where to EXACTLY place your light to get the best results.
  • Keen to learn how to shoot and light the popular newborn poses to produce amazing images your clients will love.

"Russ, I purchased your newborn lighting course this evening. I just wanted to say it is fantastic, I have been through all the videos already. It has answered every question I was unsure about in regards to lighting. Your work is simply stunning, and thank you for sharing your knowledge."

Newborn Photographer

"Russ, I have to say a massive thank you!. I watched your free video and decided to change to flash from natural light, I have been using it for 3 weeks now, my life has changed, I then purchased your Studio Lighting for Newborn Photography course and its amazing. The consistency and progression I’ve seen in myself in three weeks is huge and its down to you and the academy you've started. My plan is to book onto mentoring with you, but for now I just have to say thank you so much!"


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