Studio Lighting For Newborn Photography

Nearly two hours worth of in-depth, expert insights and techniques on how to get the light right for newborn photography.

This course is for newborn photographers who are looking to refine their lighting using studio flash. It covers equipment, camera settings, and using unique video camera angles, you will learn exactly where to place your light to get the best results in each of the newborn poses.

If you are new to flash photography, you may want to watch  'An Introduction To Studio Lighting' course first.

Duration: 115 minutes

Course Contents

  • Welcome and Thank you!
  • Video 1: Photographing Newborns With Flash
  • Video 2: Get the Light Right
  • Video 3: Gear and Camera Settings
  • Video 4: The Portrait Pose
  • Video 5: The Back Pose
  • Video 6: The Side Pose
  • Video 7: The Tummy Pose
  • Video 8: The Forward Facing Pose
  • Video 9: The Potato Sack Pose
  • Video 10: The Prop Poses
  • Summary


Studio Lighting For Newborn Photography



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